Athlete Information

You are part of the Meadows Freeride Team because you want to improve your skiing and riding skills, challenge yourself to attain personal goals, share your passion for the mountain experience with your teammates and connect with the mountain in a unique way.

Getting ready for the season

As we get ready for the upcoming season it is important to make sure that you are ready for the harsh environments and strength required to stay on snow for long days. Training for snowboarding and skiing is much different than what most people do in a typical day playing sports or at the gym. Get the details on how to prepare.

Set Season Goals

As a Freeride Team Member your goals are unique to you. Our coaches will help you reach those goals. Take some time to complete your season goals. These goals will help your coach and you take the first steps to your success and establish a plan for the season. We will revisit these season goals halfway through the season to see how we’re doing or if our goals need adjustments!

Mini Goals

Sometimes during the season you’re inspired by someone or something. If you’ve got a mini goal, share it using the button below. Writing down your goals is the first steps to reaching it!